Health Mate Essential Comfort

The Essential Comfort is Health Mates revolutionary Dome Sauna. Perfect for apartment living or at-home gyms, this high-impact, low foot-print sauna can collapse to half its size for easy storage. With 2 heat sources and 7 total heat pads, this convenient sauna offers the same soothing warmth as our walk-in models in a fraction of the space.

The Essential Comfort is Health Mate’s debut solo sauna. It uses the same Low EMF carbon heaters from our best-selling Renew series—7 total heaters in two separately controlled arrays for 360 degrees of soothing infrared heat. The model is completely collapsible, allowing for easy out-of-the-way storage, making it suitable for small spaces. 

As more people discover the amazing benefits of sauna, the demand has grown for new ways of providing infrared sauna benefits at home. The truth is not everyone has the space in their home for a large wooden box. And for massage therapists or physical therapists who must bring their equipment with them, a sauna has to be mobile and have an easy set-up to be a practical therapy.

The Essential Comfort answers those needs while still being a durable, high-quality product. Unlike sauna bags or tents, our solo sauna is roomy and prioritizes comfort and durability. We know it will last you years to come, which is why we provide a 2-year warranty.


Key Features of the Essential Comfort Personal Sauna:

  • Ultra-Low EMF Heaters
  • Anti-microbial bamboo pad and headrest
  • Ergonomic memory foam mat for gentle support
  • Collapsible mat and dome for easy storage
  • 80% more efficient than other infrared saunas