Aroma Stone

Awaken your sense with the Aroma Stone. The specially designed divots hold drops of essential oils and produce an invigorating massage, while the heat unleashes the oils aromatic properties.

14″W x 14″D x 8 1/2″H

Electrical Specifications
120 Volt | 60 Watt | 0.5 Amp

1 Heaters Total
Floor: 1

Experience the soothing warmth of the Refresh Mate™ Collection. Each infrared foot warmer is handcrafted using the highest quality Canadian Western Red Cedar from a responsibly-certified source. With a variety of feature options, the economical and space-saving design of each model makes for the perfect addition to any home or office.


  • Patented Low-EMF Heater & Components
  • Massaging Tourmaline Stone