Infrared Saunas in Dickinson, ND

On some days you just want to shut off the world, clear everything off your mind, and take refuge in a cozy nook warmed to 90-160 °F. On days like those, you’ll be glad you chose Blu Haven Spas to install your new infrared sauna!

Health Mate: The Original Infrared Sauna

You’ll know that a Health Mate infrared sauna is high quality at first glance. Its grade “A” Canadian red cedar cabinetry screams class, looks great inside any home, and is welcoming.

A Health Mate sauna’s best feature isn’t visible: full-spectrum infrared light emitters. Infrared light doesn’t heat air or humidify it. It only creates heat when it touches a solid object. If that happens to be you, then you will sense an even, deep-penetrating heat that can’t help but soothe and revitalize your body.

Low energy costs. Industry-leading warranties. Reliable, relaxing operation with virtually zero maintenance. The more you learn about a Health Mate sauna, the more you’ll love about it!

If you’d like to turn the comfort of your own home up to 11, then we welcome you to contact Blu Haven Spas today. Once we have helped you discover the best sauna to unwind and rejuvenate in, we’ll see that its installation goes flawlessly.

What Are the Health Benefits of Saunas?

Why do so many people feel healthier after saunaing? Because it makes several changes for the better inside the body, including:

  • Detoxification
  • Weight loss
  • Pain relief
  • Faster metabolism
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Better sleep
  • Stronger cardiovascular system
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased circulation

Infrared: The Future of Saunas

Infrared lighting has revolutionized the sauna. Instead of steam, an infrared sauna uses invisible light to heat the person sitting inside it, thus removing all need for humidity. Infrared light provides all the same health benefits as steam heat – at temperatures up to 75 degrees cooler. And because infrared light harmlessly travels several inches deep into the body, its many positive effects can be quicker and even more dramatic.

Advanced Automation
Advanced Automation