Dickinson’s Spa Connection

Tranquility. Relaxation. Relief from aches and pain.

If you would like to create a little piece of paradise in the privacy of your own home, then Blu Haven Spas offers precisely the spa you need!

Blu Haven Spas is proudly partnered with Sundance Spas: the United States’ leading manufacturer of – you guessed it – spas. We chose to offer Sundance’s fine spas for sale because of the incredible value they offer. Low energy costs. Stress-free maintenance. But more than anything, a Sundance spa deserves its place in your home because it provides unparalleled soothing comfort. Nothing else comes close!

Why Choose Sundance Spas?

  • Energy efficiency. Each Sundance spa features a heating system that transfers heat directly to the water, which simultaneously increases energy efficiency and corrosion resistance. The average cost to operate a Sundance spa is only $10 to $20 a month!
  • Easy maintenance. Sundance Spas’ remarkable filtration system only requires a water change and new purifier cartridge three times a year. And when you use Blu Haven Spas’ recommended jet line cleaner, you only have to run a single 20-minute cycle before draining and cleaning.
  • Unparalleled relaxation. Sundance Spas has spent over 45 years developing and perfecting their spa technology. Between its beautiful design, solid craftsmanship, state-of-the-art jets, crystal clear water, and tantalizing hydromassaging touch, you’re going to find everything to love about your new Sundance spa!

Your Perfect New Spa Awaits

No matter your budget, space constraints or relaxation goals, Sundance Spas offers the perfect new spa for your home!

980 & 880 Series

  • Maximum massage coverage
  • Up to 10 types of massage
  • MicroClean ultra-filtration system
  • I-Touch control panel
  • Silent Air injector jets

780 Series

Broad massage variety without reduced jet power

  • Up to 7 types of massage
  • MicroClean ultra-filtration system
  • Sleek digital control panel

680 Series

  • Proprietary jets with stainless trim
  • MicroClean mini filtration
  • Classic lighting
  • SmartTub system compatible
  • Exterior lighting
  • Tool-free cabinetry
  • Slipstream skimmer


Click the links below for detailed information on Sundance Spas’ industry-leading warranties.

Blu Haven Spas Makes It Easy

The price of your spa includes free delivery (within 100 miles of Dickinson, ND), professional set-up, a full chemical kit with complimentary chemical training, and an upgraded Sunstrong premium spa cover. And if you ever need greater assistance operating or maintaining your spa, our team will be right here to provide the support you need!

Advanced Automation
Advanced Automation