Therapy Lounge

Want to sweat fast with a built in lounger? The therapy lounge will allow just that. The ultimate sauna for even the tallest of individuals. This model allows people up to 6’ 5” tall to fully lie down. For added user comfort we have integrated a built-in lounger into the bench that supports the head, back, and knees. If you want a Health Mate that has plenty of room then the therapy lounge is for you.

Exterior: 83 ½W x 49 ½”D x 77 ½”H
Interior: 79″W x 44 ½”D x 69 ¾”H

Electrical Specifications
230 Volt | 3270 Watt | 15 Amp

18 Heaters Total
Front Heaters: 2
Right Side: 2
Back Panel: 3
Bench Support: 2
Floor: 3
Lower Back: 3
Lounge Bench: 3


No Heater Compares

The patented Tecoloy™ heater delivers 360 degrees of dual wave heat with up to 40% deeper penetration than the leading carbon heater. Has the fastest to temperature heat time. Certified non-toxic and every heater comes with its own individual serial number.


  • PEFC™ Western Cedar Wood
  • 100% Toxic-Free
  • Exterior Lighting
  • 96 Diode Near-Infrared LED
  • Ergonomic Bench
  • Low EMF Tecoloy™ Heaters
  • Low EMF TruInfra™ Heaters
  • Lower Back Heater
  • Floor Heater
  • Mirrored Privacy Glass
  • Patented Interior & Exterior Controllers
  • Magazine Holder
  • Interior Shelf
  • Interior Towel Bar
  • Bluetooth CD Player